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DotEDITOR Basic Manual
MAP tab

How to use Map Editor

DotEDITOR's Map Editor is tiled map editor.
This page shows making a simple tiled image.

Select a tile.

Change to Map tab. You can see a selected tile at here.

Select layer1 and put tiles.

Select a tile.

Select layer2 and put tiles.

Put tiles in the same way to make a image.

Layer1 Edit Mode Button

Layer2 Edit Mode Button

Hand Tool

Hand Tool is scroll mode.

Pinch open to zoom in; pinch close to zoom out.

Edit Area

This is the edit area.
Long tap is spoit mode.
Two finger long tap is tile swap mode.

When you select hand tool mode, you can't edit a map.

Select a map data

Tap this button, show the map select view.

This is the map select view.

This area is horizontal scroll view. you can select a map data you want to edit.

This is file name.

To scroll left, map size change slider is appeared.

Maximum map size is 64x64 tile size.

You can arrange map image position with drag.